Bridesmaids and groomsmen!!!

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These are the people in our wedding. They are our best friends and we can’t wait to have all of them standing beside us on our special day!!

Chris Chris is the best man. Chris has known Julio since they were freshman at Westminster Christian H.S. Chris’ family is a great, loving family who is like a 2nd family to Julio. Chris is planning to get married in October of 2007.

Matt Matt is one of Julio’s best friends. He’s known Julio since junior high, playing basketball & football together. Matt is currently married to Beth and has a beautiful daughter, Jada, who is also in the wedding as a flower girl.

Aaron Aaron went to Chiropractic school with Julio in St. Louis. Aaron was Julio’s good friend at Logan. Aaron is from Alabama and currently practices in southern Illinois.

Crown Crown also went to Chiropractic school with Julio. Crown and Julio were good friends at Logan enjoying many good nights at the bar & many nights studying. Crown is from North Carolina and currently practices in Charlotte, NC. Crown and Kate are getting married in Charlotte on April 22 and Nora and Julio are both in the wedding!

Emil Emil is Julio’s middle brother. Emil has a loving personality and has a passion for music. Emil graduated from Florida Computer & Business School and is working for a small business company.

Cecil Cecil is Julio’s youngest brother. Cecil is currently a Freshman at Barry University. He also has a passion for music and is DJing as a hobby.


Lindsay Lindsay is the maid of honor in our wedding! She is Nora’s best friend and always keeps Nora and Julio laughing:) She and Nora were roommates Freshman year and played softball at Barry and were friends right away!  Now Linds lives in Kansas City, MO and she just signed a contract to buy a house!

Jessica Jessica is Nora’s longest friend! We met when we were 2 months old. Our mom’s knew each other and we became friends before we could even talk!! We went to Pipe Preschool, Hope Valley, Githens and Jordan together and have remained friends for 24 years!! Jess lives in DC and is in law school at American University.

Kat Kat is Nora’s friend from Barry. We played softball together for 3 years and became great friends! Kat always got Nora out of the house to do all kinds of fun Miami adventures, like camping in Key West and finding the yummiest little cafe to eat at on the beach!! Kat is the Assistant Softball Coach at College of Charleston.  

Regan Regan is both Nora and Julio’s friend from Barry and is a big part of why we started dating!! She and Nora played softball together for 3 years and were roommates for 2 years. She and Julio were both athletic trainers and got together to study all the time. So, Nora and Julio got to know each other as friends and after a year and a half, he finally asked her out!! Thank you roomie! Now, Regs lives in Seattle and is getting married to Michelle this summer! She’s taking classes to get ready for med school.

Jenny Here’s Jenny in her sombrero at El Maguey on her birthday! Good times:) Jenny is Julio’s friend from Miami. They went to high school together, stayed in touch throughout college and ended up in St. Louis for grad school. Jenny and Nora are now roommates livin it up in Chesterfield and have gotten to be great friends!! Jenny’s headed to Omaha in May.

Fatima & Ben Fatima is Nora’s sister-in-law and the mom of the cutest ringbearer ever! Fatima and Nora’s brother Nate have been married for 6 years and live in Silver Spring, Maryland. She works at HUD in DC. Fatima has had wonderful wedding advice for Nora!!!


More Friends

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Artie, Chris, Julio    Mark, Julio, Ryan     Julio, Veeral, Crown, Aaron

I’m out w/ Artie & Chris at downtown Miami. I’m w/ Mark & Ryan at our graduation. Me and the boys are hanging out after a Cardinals game.

Melissa, Nora, Julio     Kat & Nora dancing     Hana, Nora, Anna

We’re out w/ our good friend from Kentucky, Melissa. Nora’s getting crazy w/ Kat at the club in Hard Rock Ft. Lauderdale. Nora is w/ her friends, Hana and Anna, from Durham.

Crown, Wayne, Emil, Aaron, Julio     us at Pink Galleon     Girls at Nora's bridal party

We’re at the Broadway Oyster Bar after a Cardinals game. My baby & I at Pink Galleons. Nora and the girls (w/ peter) at her bridal/bachelorette party.


Crazy Miami Airport!!

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So, I missed my flight leaving Miami on Tuesday night. I was so upset!!! It was definitely a Bridezilla moment! I was so mad b/c people in the airport were so rude to me! It was definitely my fault b/c I thought you had to check in at least 30 min before boarding but it’s actually 45 min w/ checked bags. There was an accident on the highway so we had to take back roads and then Miami airport is always so busy so I had to wait in line and the e-ticket check in was closed b/c it was a late flight. The line took too long and I didn’t think I needed to hurry as much (or try to check in curbside) so I missed my flight!!! It wasn’t that bad b/c I got to spend more time w/ my baby, but I’m so type A when it comes to things like that…anyway, it all worked out of course b/c work was there when I got there the next day and Baxter was ok for another day in the kennel. It was just funny b/c Julio’s so laid back in those situations and I’m not!! We’re a good balance! Moral of the story - if you’re flying to Miami for our wedding, get to Miami airport in plenty of time!! Or, fly into Ft. Lauderdale airport (like I usually do)!!!

Workin it in Miami

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My trip to Miami was full of things to do as always. A night on South Beach, an art fair in Las Olas, looking for a place to live, meeting with Sylvia, registering for our wedding and  hanging out with Julio and his family kept me very busy. It was so much fun to be down there, but it’s always so hard to leave. The day we met with Sylvia was fun. We were late getting there of course because I never remember how bad traffic really is, even at 10 a.m. After a 3 hour meeting, we chose the cake, the centerpieces, the tablecloths, chair covers, the menu, bouquets, and decorations for the church. Yay! We got so much done and it was great to get it all done at once since I’m not in Miami right now. The bouquets were actually the hardest part for me b/c I didn’t have any good pictures of what I want. Sylvia kept giving me ideas and putting books of bouquets in front of me and we finally got something on paper. Julio was amazed at how long it took…he stepped out of the room for the bouquet decisions and Mrs. Pardave and I tried to make some choices. She’s great to have there to help!! I’m so glad we found Sylvia b/c she’s basically our wedding coordinator. Thank you Mrs. Pardave!!! We didn’t really realize how much she does for us but she’s so organized and it’s wonderful. I can’t wait for more fun things to do!  


Going to Miami!

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I’m headed to Miami today to visit Julio! Yay!! We’re meeting with Sylvia, our reception hall person on Tuesday morning to decide most of the reception details so that is very exciting! We’ll know what kind of cake, food, centerpieces and everything after Tuesday! It will be very nice to get all of that decided. And I get to spend a few days with Julio!!!!


Conroys and Hastings:)

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 My amazing family!!

at the Cardinals game   nephew Ben   Nate, Fatima, & Ben   at cousin Doug's HS graduation   Parents & grandma

These are my parents, Bob and Liz at a Cardinals game last summer. The cutest little boy is my nephew Ben:) We played with the cardboard bricks my mom got him for Christmas all night! My brother Nate, sister-in-law Fatima and Ben visited St. Louis for Labor Day weekend and we visited the Arch. My cousin, Doug graduated from high school in June so my grandma, my mom and I went up to Alexandria, VA to see him, my aunt Ginny and my uncle Doug. I got to water ski for the first time during our trip!! My mom, grandma, brother, dad and I all met in Chicago for a weekend in the summer. This picture is on the boat we took around for an tour of Chicago and its infamous architecture.


Familia Pardave

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Here are some pics of my beautiful family at my graduation of Chiropractic College, which I attended the past 4 years in St. Louis.  Nora & I are with my mom and dad at Jim’s wedding in Miami. 

family at graduation          at Jim's wedding

Here we are with grandma (abuelita) at our place. Here we are with our cousins from my mom’s side hanging out at our place and Danaly with her boyfriend Alan.

family & grandma     cousin danaly & alan     cousins from Larriviere's (mom's) side


Julio’s Visit!!!

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Julio came to visit last weekend!!! It was so much fun!!! He came in on Thursday night and stayed until Wednesday morning. So he was here for Valentine’s Day:) We got some wedding things checked off our list, like starting our registry and buying our wedding bands, so that was great. It’s a little hard to do those things thousands of miles apart. It was great to actually talk face to face about everything. Life is much better when Julio is here! On Valentine’s Day, Julio sent me a dozen flowers at work!!! He’s such a cutie and such a romantic!!!

nora w roses2.jpg          me & nora1.jpg

On Valentine’s Day, I took a half day off work to spend a little more time with Julio and it was such a beautiful day, like 60 degrees and sunny, so it was perfect. I picked up lunch and surprised him at the apartment! We took lunch to a park near our house and took Baxter with us for a fun family day:) It was a magnificent weekend with Julio and I can’t wait to go to Miami in 2 weeks to see him!!

julio & baxter.jpg         nora w/  baxter at the park

Let the registering begin…

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So, last Sunday Julio and I went to Crate and Barrel for a “Sunday Engagement” to start registering. It’s actually a nice thing they do for engaged couples. They open the store to only those that sign up for this event from 9 -11 a.m. on Sundays and you’re the only ones in the store. We were given a beeping device that let us add all the fun stuff we could think of! We started with place settings thinking that would be an easier decision but even that took a while. We’re both so indecisive so it was a long process for each thing. It’s hard to think of every plate, saucer, platter and gravy boat we’re going to need for the next 20 years of our lives!! And of course I was the only one who broke anything. Yep, clumsy Nora knocked over a wine glass. Luckily I only broke one thing!!!We spent about 2 1/2 hours in the store and were exhausted by the end of it but it was a good start! I think we’re also going to register at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s so let the fun begin there in a few weeks!!! 

We also got our wedding bands on Sunday at Shane Company which was very fun! I’d never been to look at rings because Julio picked out the engagement ring all by himself so it was fun to look at all the pretty diamonds! We picked both of our bands pretty easily so that was nice. We had an idea of what we wanted and they had what we wanted. I took a look at all the engagement settings and diamonds after we picked out our bands and I was very glad Julio took that upon himself to do! I would have been very overwhelmed with making that big decision!!! And he did much better than I would have done - mine is perfect!!



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We just found out that we’re going to Europe for our Honeymoon!!! We’re going to Paris and Amsterdam for sure and depending on how much we can fit in, maybe other places in Holland and maybe Brussels. I’m so excited because I’ve never been to Europe before! Julio’s been a few times but never to Holland. We’re going for 8 days!!! We are so excited to explore the Europe and its culture together!

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