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I had an awesome trip last week to DC! I traveled there for a grant writing workshop for my job, but it was so much fun because I got to stay with┬áNate, Fatima, Benji and Ellie! My workshop was on the George Washington University campus, so I was able to ride the metro in with Fatima and get everywhere I needed to go on the metro. Nate and Fatima gave me the new Harry Potter book for my birthday, so I had very good reading to do while I rode!! I so wish we had a metro system here in Miami. I got to explore more of DC than I have in a long time because I got off at so many different stops during my trip! My friend Jenna works near Metro Center, so I met up with her for coffee one night and got to see her new apartment - so cute! By the end of the trip I was very good at traveling by metro:) It was really fun to hang out with Nate, Fatima and Benji during their “real life” of work and school - we just got to hang out. Since we don’t live nearby, we don’t get to do that very often! It was really, really fun.

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That weekend Kat came to town!! She was in town recruiting so I got to watch her do her magic with her stopwatch, notebooks and lots of information about lots of softball players. I also got to enjoy some yummy Cuban food with Kat and Shelly - gotta make the dinner stop at Little Havana. And Kat can’t come to visit without a fun night out to South Beach!!

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Chris and Christie’s Wedding Shower - Saturday, July 28! Hosted by the Kibler family, who I finally got to meet - it was great to see the Buck family, Christie’s family and share the one of the many special days leading up to the big day for Chris and Christie!!
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After the wedding shower during the day and a Peruvian gala celebration for Independence Day at night, we finished the night out at Las Olas!! So good to see Chris, Christie and Jess!!!
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