I’m living w/ sleeptalkers

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Ever since I’ve been w/ Nora I was aware of her frequent sleeptalking. But lately it has been a circus at night. Usually she sleeptalks within the first 2 hours of her sleep, so I’m used to it. But this morning, she scared the crap out of me (30 min before my alarm went off!) She jumped right out of bed screaming something about “…knocking the wedding cake off!!”, frantically searching the floor. She picks up a pillow that was on the floor and throws it at me. I think she thought the pillow was the cake and was trying to save the cake by tossing it towards me! The sleeptalking has really picked up with the wedding coming closer & closer. And last night, Baxter was sleeping next to me while I was watching TV, he started barking in his sleep! Even my dog is sleeptalking! Man, what a freakin riot…..I love my family!!!!


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  1. frenchy said,

    June 29, 2006 at 5:09 pm

    why am i not in any of these pics???
    what about baxter??

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