Dress fitting time!

Posted in Miami Style at 10:54 am by Nora

I had my dress fitting last week - on Monday, my first day in Miami. Can you tell I was trying to get that checked off my list? I went to the David’s Bridal in Coral Gables and did my first fitting. I definitely wasn’t in St. Louis anymore b/c I had to break out my broken Espanol to talk to the alterations woman. I knew how to tell her when the wedding was, quince de julio, and that mi novio is from Peru┬áso yo hablo un piquito Espanol. We understood each other enough to fit the dress, figure out the cost and when I would do the second fitting. She was very nice but it made me wish my spanish class I took in St. Louis had been a little better! Emil said he’d help me┬álearn Spanish - his parents said he’s the best of the 3 brothers at Spanish so we need to get started on that before I go for my second fitting on June 21!

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