More Friends

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Artie, Chris, Julio    Mark, Julio, Ryan     Julio, Veeral, Crown, Aaron

I’m out w/ Artie & Chris at downtown Miami. I’m w/ Mark & Ryan at our graduation. Me and the boys are hanging out after a Cardinals game.

Melissa, Nora, Julio     Kat & Nora dancing     Hana, Nora, Anna

We’re out w/ our good friend from Kentucky, Melissa. Nora’s getting crazy w/ Kat at the club in Hard Rock Ft. Lauderdale. Nora is w/ her friends, Hana and Anna, from Durham.

Crown, Wayne, Emil, Aaron, Julio     us at Pink Galleon     Girls at Nora's bridal party

We’re at the Broadway Oyster Bar after a Cardinals game. My baby & I at Pink Galleons. Nora and the girls (w/ peter) at her bridal/bachelorette party.

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