Crazy Miami Airport!!

Posted in Bridezilla at 10:23 pm by Nora

So, I missed my flight leaving Miami on Tuesday night. I was so upset!!! It was definitely a Bridezilla moment! I was so mad b/c people in the airport were so rude to me! It was definitely my fault b/c I thought you had to check in at least 30 min before boarding but it’s actually 45 min w/ checked bags. There was an accident on the highway so we had to take back roads and then Miami airport is always so busy so I had to wait in line and the e-ticket check in was closed b/c it was a late flight. The line took too long and I didn’t think I needed to hurry as much (or try to check in curbside) so I missed my flight!!! It wasn’t that bad b/c I got to spend more time w/ my baby, but I’m so type A when it comes to things like that…anyway, it all worked out of course b/c work was there when I got there the next day and Baxter was ok for another day in the kennel. It was just funny b/c Julio’s so laid back in those situations and I’m not!! We’re a good balance! Moral of the story - if you’re flying to Miami for our wedding, get to Miami airport in plenty of time!! Or, fly into Ft. Lauderdale airport (like I usually do)!!!


  1. julio said,

    March 20, 2006 at 1:16 pm

    Yeah..the reason I’m laid back is b/c I missed about 5-6 flights in my lifetime, twice leaving from NY (thanks Danaly;) So, I’m used to it and get a lil mad at first but then I tell myself “it’s for a reason” or “sweet, more time to spend around the city I’m in”…..no need to get stressed out.

  2. Nate said,

    April 3, 2006 at 11:29 am

    “Sweet, more time to spend around the city I’m in” … you tell yourself that, but do you believe yourself?

    Just kidding… that’s a good point, I’m going to remember that one!

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