Workin it in Miami

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My trip to Miami was full of things to do as always. A night on South Beach, an art fair in Las Olas, looking for a place to live, meeting with Sylvia, registering for our wedding and  hanging out with Julio and his family kept me very busy. It was so much fun to be down there, but it’s always so hard to leave. The day we met with Sylvia was fun. We were late getting there of course because I never remember how bad traffic really is, even at 10 a.m. After a 3 hour meeting, we chose the cake, the centerpieces, the tablecloths, chair covers, the menu, bouquets, and decorations for the church. Yay! We got so much done and it was great to get it all done at once since I’m not in Miami right now. The bouquets were actually the hardest part for me b/c I didn’t have any good pictures of what I want. Sylvia kept giving me ideas and putting books of bouquets in front of me and we finally got something on paper. Julio was amazed at how long it took…he stepped out of the room for the bouquet decisions and Mrs. Pardave and I tried to make some choices. She’s great to have there to help!! I’m so glad we found Sylvia b/c she’s basically our wedding coordinator. Thank you Mrs. Pardave!!! We didn’t really realize how much she does for us but she’s so organized and it’s wonderful. I can’t wait for more fun things to do!  

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  1. Fatima said,

    April 6, 2006 at 10:52 am

    You go girl!! You did in one day what it takes most brides months to do.

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