Conroys and Hastings:)

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 My amazing family!!

at the Cardinals game   nephew Ben   Nate, Fatima, & Ben   at cousin Doug's HS graduation   Parents & grandma

These are my parents, Bob and Liz at a Cardinals game last summer. The cutest little boy is my nephew Ben:) We played with the cardboard bricks my mom got him for Christmas all night! My brother Nate, sister-in-law Fatima and Ben visited St. Louis for Labor Day weekend and we visited the Arch. My cousin, Doug graduated from high school in June so my grandma, my mom and I went up to Alexandria, VA to see him, my aunt Ginny and my uncle Doug. I got to water ski for the first time during our trip!! My mom, grandma, brother, dad and I all met in Chicago for a weekend in the summer. This picture is on the boat we took around for an tour of Chicago and its infamous architecture.

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