Julio’s Visit!!!

Posted in 5 months apart at 10:05 pm by Nora

Julio came to visit last weekend!!! It was so much fun!!! He came in on Thursday night and stayed until Wednesday morning. So he was here for Valentine’s Day:) We got some wedding things checked off our list, like starting our registry and buying our wedding bands, so that was great. It’s a little hard to do those things thousands of miles apart. It was great to actually talk face to face about everything. Life is much better when Julio is here! On Valentine’s Day, Julio sent me a dozen flowers at work!!! He’s such a cutie and such a romantic!!!

nora w roses2.jpg          me & nora1.jpg

On Valentine’s Day, I took a half day off work to spend a little more time with Julio and it was such a beautiful day, like 60 degrees and sunny, so it was perfect. I picked up lunch and surprised him at the apartment! We took lunch to a park near our house and took Baxter with us for a fun family day:) It was a magnificent weekend with Julio and I can’t wait to go to Miami in 2 weeks to see him!!

julio & baxter.jpg         nora w/  baxter at the park

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