Nora’s 26th birthday!!

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My birthday was fabulous! I felt very special and very loved every second of my day! It started out with balloons at work from Danny, lunch with my work team at Prezzo and the rest of the day off! Julio had been planning surprises for the day and Shannon was in on it so we decided I needed a birthday dress for the night. Shannon and I went shopping and found a cute dress and shoes. Balloons, food, cake, and shopping - and it was only 4 pm! I got home and Julio told me to pack an overnight bag. He surprised me with a night at the Mandarin Hotel on Brickell Key - so, so nice!! I’d never been there before so we got there early and relaxed until dinner. I thought we were going to dinner just the two of us, but it turned out to be another surprise - his parents, Cecil and our friends, Shannon, Danny, Marilyn and Alan, met us there for a yummy dinner at Cafe Sambal, a Thai and Sushi restaurant! After awesome presents, lots of happy birthday calls from friends, a few yummy martinis and another birthday cake, we headed to Red Bar and Karu & Y with Shannon, Danny, Artie and Sergio. The DJ’s were really good and both places were really fun!! I danced it up in my birthday dress!! We got to sleep in - yay - with extra late check out and then we enjoyed the Mandarin Hotel beach for a few hours. There were beds in the sand looking out into the water surrounded by palm trees - it was so relaxing and such a nice way to end a long birthday celebration!!! Julio is the best and always finds a way to make my birthday so special!! We had a wonderful night with our friends - it was a fabulous 26th birthday!!

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Keeping up with our busy schedule!

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I had an awesome trip last week to DC! I traveled there for a grant writing workshop for my job, but it was so much fun because I got to stay with┬áNate, Fatima, Benji and Ellie! My workshop was on the George Washington University campus, so I was able to ride the metro in with Fatima and get everywhere I needed to go on the metro. Nate and Fatima gave me the new Harry Potter book for my birthday, so I had very good reading to do while I rode!! I so wish we had a metro system here in Miami. I got to explore more of DC than I have in a long time because I got off at so many different stops during my trip! My friend Jenna works near Metro Center, so I met up with her for coffee one night and got to see her new apartment - so cute! By the end of the trip I was very good at traveling by metro:) It was really fun to hang out with Nate, Fatima and Benji during their “real life” of work and school - we just got to hang out. Since we don’t live nearby, we don’t get to do that very often! It was really, really fun.

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That weekend Kat came to town!! She was in town recruiting so I got to watch her do her magic with her stopwatch, notebooks and lots of information about lots of softball players. I also got to enjoy some yummy Cuban food with Kat and Shelly - gotta make the dinner stop at Little Havana. And Kat can’t come to visit without a fun night out to South Beach!!

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Chris and Christie’s Wedding Shower - Saturday, July 28! Hosted by the Kibler family, who I finally got to meet - it was great to see the Buck family, Christie’s family and share the one of the many special days leading up to the big day for Chris and Christie!!
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After the wedding shower during the day and a Peruvian gala celebration for Independence Day at night, we finished the night out at Las Olas!! So good to see Chris, Christie and Jess!!!
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