I’m living w/ sleeptalkers

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Ever since I’ve been w/ Nora I was aware of her frequent sleeptalking. But lately it has been a circus at night. Usually she sleeptalks within the first 2 hours of her sleep, so I’m used to it. But this morning, she scared the crap out of me (30 min before my alarm went off!) She jumped right out of bed screaming something about “…knocking the wedding cake off!!”, frantically searching the floor. She picks up a pillow that was on the floor and throws it at me. I think she thought the pillow was the cake and was trying to save the cake by tossing it towards me! The sleeptalking has really picked up with the wedding coming closer & closer. And last night, Baxter was sleeping next to me while I was watching TV, he started barking in his sleep! Even my dog is sleeptalking! Man, what a freakin riot…..I love my family!!!!



19 days!!!

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The big day is coming up fast so we’re taking care of all the little things and getting so excited about seeing everybody for the wedding! We were talking reception music with Julio’s parents the other night and had a little dance practice in the living room. Good times, good times:)

Also, I finally found some shoes to wear with my dress! Yay!




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Last night we went out to Hooligans for game 6 of the Heat/Mavs finals. It was one of the best b-ball games I’ve seen in a while. We met up w/ some of my boys from the H.S. era. Good times!!

boys at Hooligans Pub    Emil, JP, Dave    Me & my future wifey

Matt, Ju, Dave    Matt, JP, Dave, Ju    Me & my bro Emil

Celebrating    Me & Shamus


Pictures, pictures, pictures!

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Julio and I got a taste of what it will be like on wedding day with all of the pictures. We took pictures for our engagement photo on Tuesday and it was a lot of pictures! It was fun even with the change in location, mosquitos biting my sweet North Carolina skin and trekking through the palms to get the perfect shot! Julio thought I was a bit Bridezilla-like in the beginning. Our photographer suggested a spot to take pictures so I said ok, knowing it was a park but not much else. We didn’t have a particular spot we wanted so we took his suggestion. When we got there, it was the same spot our friends had done their engagement photo, so I really didn’t want to do the same thing. Julio was like, don’t worry about it, but I really didn’t want to do it there. So, I asked the photographer if we could go somewhere else and still have enough light. The photographer didn’t seem to mind too much, but I’m sure he was talking a little Bridezilla crap in his car on the way to the new spot! I haven’t had too many crazy Bride moments, so I’m allowed a few when I actually know what I want!

We ended up at a beautiful little spot in Coral Gables with plenty of light so I can’t wait to see the pics! He kept telling Julio to smile more - I think I was having more fun than he was!!

Another little tidbit - I figured out who’s going to do my hair and makeup for our wedding day! A friend of ours from down here recommended a woman so I took her advice. I got my hair and makeup done on Monday afternoon to show her what I liked and didn’t like and she did such an awesome job. I’m really excited! She’s coming to the hotel where I’m getting ready so I will feel very pampered on July 15!!

 PS Here’s a recent picture of me and Baxter:)   DSC00067.JPG                 


The kids…..

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…of the wedding include two flower girls and a stud ring bearer.

Julio and Tiffanie     Goddaughter Tiffanie     Little cousins

Tiffanie is Julio’s god-daughter, the daughter of Julio’s cousin Ivan.

Matt, Beth and Jada     Jada

Jada is the daughter of Matt and Beth. Matt is one of Julio’s groomsmen and Jada will be 3 on June 20!!

Ben & Nate     Ben     Nora and Ben

Ben is Nora’s god-son and is the cutest boy on earth!! Ben is Nate and Fatima’s son and he is going to look adorable in his little tux!


Dress fitting time!

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I had my dress fitting last week - on Monday, my first day in Miami. Can you tell I was trying to get that checked off my list? I went to the David’s Bridal in Coral Gables and did my first fitting. I definitely wasn’t in St. Louis anymore b/c I had to break out my broken Espanol to talk to the alterations woman. I knew how to tell her when the wedding was, quince de julio, and that mi novio is from Peru so yo hablo un piquito Espanol. We understood each other enough to fit the dress, figure out the cost and when I would do the second fitting. She was very nice but it made me wish my spanish class I took in St. Louis had been a little better! Emil said he’d help me learn Spanish - his parents said he’s the best of the 3 brothers at Spanish so we need to get started on that before I go for my second fitting on June 21!

We mailed the invitations-did you get one?!

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We mailed the wedding invitations the week of May 22, so everyone should have gotten theirs by now. If you got a save the date card, you should have received an invitation!! Please let us know if you didn’t so we can send you one. Remember to send us the RSVP card so we know you’re coming and what you want to eat! We want everyone to come so we want to make sure you got the invitation!! It’s getting close!!


Finally in Miami!

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So, we’re finally both in Miami!! Sunday we made it to the Pardaves and we’re here! It was quite the trip from St. Louis…started out with us leaving Chesterfield about 3 hours later than we planned. Julio flew into St. Louis on Wednesday night to help me pack and make the drive. I hadn’t done much packing yet unfortunately b/c of other important things to get done like mailing out the invitations!! So, we had a lot to do. We ended up selling or giving away almost all of our furniture which was great not to have to throw it away. We didn’t get a U-haul b/c we didn’t want to keep much of our stuff since we’re living with the Pardaves for a while. And, to make it more fun, I worked Friday til 12 (I know, I’m insane, but it was my last day). Anyway, we left around 730, ended up making it only to Nashville (instead of Chatanooga or Atlanta like we planned if we’d left earlier!!!). It turned out perfect b/c we stayed with my friend Kat’s family instead of a hotel! It was so much fun- homemade breakfast, dairy queen blizzards and a friend for Baxter! As we were leaving, Kevin called Julio to tell him the Florida chiropractic scores were posted, so of course we went back inside to check online and JULIO IS A DOCTOR IN FLORIDA NOW!!! He passed all his tests!!! So awesome!

We made it to Gainesville at around 7 which we were trying to get there by 5 for Christie’s vet school graduation party but we made it and got to go out with everyone! It was so much fun to see everyone and it was definitely worth the crazy packing and rushing out of St. Louis! Crazy, fun time!!

momma buck, me, nora, artie, buck & christie   w/ christie & jessica   we getting crazy!

Nora & Christie   Christie, artie, stacey   artie & nora

We all (Nora, Julio and Baxter) made it to Miami on Sunday with the car packed to the top (with my wedding dress in a garmet bag laying on top of all of the boxes!) and 12 boxes of clothes and stuff being mailed to us. It’s wonderful to finally be here and be together and be able to get settled. Now I can focus on all the fun wedding details we have left (43 days!!!) And a job will come along at some point:)

Oh, and when we began our trip we thought we were going to be without air conditioning…2 of us and a crazy dog without AC! But, it ended up working for the entire trip thankfully b/c it was the hottest weekend of the year and we would have been so miserable. But, someone was looking out for us and it worked and we had such a fun time with everyone at Christie’s party!! AND JULIO’S A DOCTOR IN FLORIDA!!!!!