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We will gladly accept any donations toward our honeymoon to Paris:)


So much going on!

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I know I haven’t written in quite a while, but life has been keeping me on my toes! I have a huge event this Saturday for work - our Auction, which is our biggest fundraiser for the school. It’s the main reason I’m still working at Churchill and still in St. Louis, not Florida. It’s been quite an experience b/c it’s so much work! It’s been fun and it’s what I enjoy but it’s taken a lot of extra early mornings, late evenings and weekend workdays. I’ve been trying to balance it all with wedding to do’s but I think I’m doing good. The invitations will be going out in the next week or so which is very exciting!! I worked with a parent at my school on the invites and I love how they turned out!

My last day at work is May 26 and then I’m headed to Miami finally to be with Julio!!! We are excited to start our lives together down there!!!



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Sorry it’s been awhile since last we wrote. We’ve been very busy this past month…..Nora has been working on the invitations and I’ve been studying my brains out for the Florida boards. Nora’s about done w/ the invitations and should be sent out in the next couple weeks. I’m taking the big practical exam this friday up in Tampa (wish me luck). Last week, we attended Crown & Kate’s wedding in Charlotte…it was a lovely ceremony & reception (Crown, thanks for the personalized mug..I’m sure it will be in good use next wknd:) Hope all is well w/ everyone. Here are some pics from the wedding:

Hoffman's & me   Crown & Nora   Kate & Nora   Nora & me