Conroys and Hastings:)

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 My amazing family!!

at the Cardinals game   nephew Ben   Nate, Fatima, & Ben   at cousin Doug's HS graduation   Parents & grandma

These are my parents, Bob and Liz at a Cardinals game last summer. The cutest little boy is my nephew Ben:) We played with the cardboard bricks my mom got him for Christmas all night! My brother Nate, sister-in-law Fatima and Ben visited St. Louis for Labor Day weekend and we visited the Arch. My cousin, Doug graduated from high school in June so my grandma, my mom and I went up to Alexandria, VA to see him, my aunt Ginny and my uncle Doug. I got to water ski for the first time during our trip!! My mom, grandma, brother, dad and I all met in Chicago for a weekend in the summer. This picture is on the boat we took around for an tour of Chicago and its infamous architecture.


Familia Pardave

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Here are some pics of my beautiful family at my graduation of Chiropractic College, which I attended the past 4 years in St. Louis.  Nora & I are with my mom and dad at Jim’s wedding in Miami. 

family at graduation          at Jim's wedding

Here we are with grandma (abuelita) at our place. Here we are with our cousins from my mom’s side hanging out at our place and Danaly with her boyfriend Alan.

family & grandma     cousin danaly & alan     cousins from Larriviere's (mom's) side


Julio’s Visit!!!

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Julio came to visit last weekend!!! It was so much fun!!! He came in on Thursday night and stayed until Wednesday morning. So he was here for Valentine’s Day:) We got some wedding things checked off our list, like starting our registry and buying our wedding bands, so that was great. It’s a little hard to do those things thousands of miles apart. It was great to actually talk face to face about everything. Life is much better when Julio is here! On Valentine’s Day, Julio sent me a dozen flowers at work!!! He’s such a cutie and such a romantic!!!

nora w roses2.jpg          me & nora1.jpg

On Valentine’s Day, I took a half day off work to spend a little more time with Julio and it was such a beautiful day, like 60 degrees and sunny, so it was perfect. I picked up lunch and surprised him at the apartment! We took lunch to a park near our house and took Baxter with us for a fun family day:) It was a magnificent weekend with Julio and I can’t wait to go to Miami in 2 weeks to see him!!

julio & baxter.jpg         nora w/  baxter at the park

Let the registering begin…

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So, last Sunday Julio and I went to Crate and Barrel for a “Sunday Engagement” to start registering. It’s actually a nice thing they do for engaged couples. They open the store to only those that sign up for this event from 9 -11 a.m. on Sundays and you’re the only ones in the store. We were given a beeping device that let us add all the fun stuff we could think of! We started with place settings thinking that would be an easier decision but even that took a while. We’re both so indecisive so it was a long process for each thing. It’s hard to think of every plate, saucer, platter and gravy boat we’re going to need for the next 20 years of our lives!! And of course I was the only one who broke anything. Yep, clumsy Nora knocked over a wine glass. Luckily I only broke one thing!!!We spent about 2 1/2 hours in the store and were exhausted by the end of it but it was a good start! I think we’re also going to register at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s so let the fun begin there in a few weeks!!! 

We also got our wedding bands on Sunday at Shane Company which was very fun! I’d never been to look at rings because Julio picked out the engagement ring all by himself so it was fun to look at all the pretty diamonds! We picked both of our bands pretty easily so that was nice. We had an idea of what we wanted and they had what we wanted. I took a look at all the engagement settings and diamonds after we picked out our bands and I was very glad Julio took that upon himself to do! I would have been very overwhelmed with making that big decision!!! And he did much better than I would have done - mine is perfect!!



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We just found out that we’re going to Europe for our Honeymoon!!! We’re going to Paris and Amsterdam for sure and depending on how much we can fit in, maybe other places in Holland and maybe Brussels. I’m so excited because I’ve never been to Europe before! Julio’s been a few times but never to Holland. We’re going for 8 days!!! We are so excited to explore the Europe and its culture together!


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Chris, Julio     nora, lindsay, julio

Chris is Julio’s best man and good friend from high school. Chris lives in Miami and his fiancee, Christie, is finishing veterinarian school at the University of Florida this May. Lindsay is Nora’s maid of honor. We were roommates at Barry for Freshman and Sophomore years and we were best friends from the beginning!

nora, aaron, jamie, wayne, crown, kate, kristen     crown, aaron, wayne, julio

With friends, Aaron, Jamie, Crown, Kate, Kristen, and Wayne, at Wayne & Bobbi’s wedding weekend in Tallahassee in January. Hanging out with the boys, Crown, Aaron, and Wayne at a Cardinals game.

jenny, nora, lindsay, bobbi, melissa     julio, allison, crown

Jenny, Nora, Lindsay, Bobbi, and Melissa at Pink Galleon during Nora’s birthday weekend!! Julio, Allison, and Crown partying at Talyana’s the last week before Logan Graduation.


Starting our blog!

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Nora & Julio

We’re getting married!! It’s all been so exciting so far and we wanted to share all the fun details with everyone during this special time in our lives. Nora’s brother, Nate, got all of this started for us - thank you! We’ve never done a blog before, so be patient with us and join in on the fun by posting comments! It will be fun for us to share our past, present and magnificent future!!

Our engagement!

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proposal     engagement dinner     Yi, allison, us

dan, melissa, us     julio's mother at engagement party     ladies at the engagement party

nora's parents at engagement party     engagement night     proposal 2


August 6, 2005 - It was the best day of my life!! Julio, being the sweetest, most romantic man planned a surprise weekend and a surprise proposal. My parents were in town to visit for Cardinals games and to hang out with us and they didn’t know anything was going on until Friday night. Julio picked them up from the hotel and had about 45 minutes to ask their permission to ask me to marry him and to let them in on his plan. He dropped them off at my work where we met to go to the Cardinals game. He told me he couldn’t come with us to the game because he had to do a shift at one of the free chiropractic clinics (found out later that they don’t have Friday night shifts, but it was all part of the plan!) 

So, my parents and I went to the game and on Saturday went to the Arch. Again, Julio had “plans”  and wanted me to spend time with my parents. So, we had a great afternoon and planned to meet up with Julio for dinner. He called two or three times to see what time we were getting back and could we do dinner earlier. We were planning to go to Cunnetto’s and had told some of our friends. Julio wanted us there earlier than planned, so my mom took a record fast shower at the hotel and got ready to go to dinner.

We headed to our apartment and I walked in the bedroom to put my stuff away and much to my surprise, found Julio’s parents and brothers there! I was like, what are you doing here? They said for my birthday, which was a few days before. I thought, how fun! Then we were all in the living room and Julio grabbed my hand and pulled me to him in front of everyone. It was all quiet and he said, “Baby,” and I started bawling. That’s all he had to say and the way he said it, I knew what was coming next. I had no idea he had been planning all of this and was so surprised! He said, “Baby, these three and a half years have been the best years of my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Nora Elizabeth Conroy, will you marry me?” He was on his knee and I of course said yes!!! I was crying and hugging him. My parents and his family were all watching and taking pictures. It was amazing.

We all went out to Macaroni Grill for dinner and then Julio and his family had drinks, snacks and champagne ready to go in coolers at the apartment. Julio told all of our friends the plan so they all came over after dinner to celebrate. It was so much fun!!! It was so perfect to be able to have a celebration with our friends and family that night. Our parents had a great time meeting everyone and our friends made it so much fun!

Julio planned the whole surprise weekend! He couldn’t come to the Cardinals game because he was with his parents and he didn’t come to the Arch on Saturday because he was getting everything ready for that night. He got the ring the previous weekend when he got out of his weekend class early. He told me he was still in class but actually got out early and went with Crown to pick out my ring.

He is so amazingly good and always pulls off exciting surprises!!! It was a perfect engagement!