Pictures, pictures, pictures!

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Julio and I got a taste of what it will be like on wedding day with all of the pictures. We took pictures for our engagement photo on Tuesday and it was a lot of pictures! It was fun even with the change in location, mosquitos biting my sweet North Carolina skin and trekking through the palms to get the perfect shot! Julio thought I was a bit Bridezilla-like in the beginning. Our photographer suggested a spot to take pictures so I said ok, knowing it was a park but not much else. We didn’t have a particular spot we wanted so we took his suggestion. When we got there, it was the same spot our friends had done their engagement photo, so I really didn’t want to do the same thing. Julio was like, don’t worry about it, but I really didn’t want to do it there. So, I asked the photographer if we could go somewhere else and still have enough light. The photographer didn’t seem to mind too much, but I’m sure he was talking a little Bridezilla crap in his car on the way to the new spot! I haven’t had too many crazy Bride moments, so I’m allowed a few when I actually know what I want!

We ended up at a beautiful little spot in Coral Gables with plenty of light so I can’t wait to see the pics! He kept telling Julio to smile more - I think I was having more fun than he was!!

Another little tidbit - I figured out who’s going to do my hair and makeup for our wedding day! A friend of ours from down here recommended a woman so I took her advice. I got my hair and makeup done on Monday afternoon to show her what I liked and didn’t like and she did such an awesome job. I’m really excited! She’s coming to the hotel where I’m getting ready so I will feel very pampered on July 15!!

 PS Here’s a recent picture of me and Baxter:)   DSC00067.JPG                 


Crazy Miami Airport!!

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So, I missed my flight leaving Miami on Tuesday night. I was so upset!!! It was definitely a Bridezilla moment! I was so mad b/c people in the airport were so rude to me! It was definitely my fault b/c I thought you had to check in at least 30 min before boarding but it’s actually 45 min w/ checked bags. There was an accident on the highway so we had to take back roads and then Miami airport is always so busy so I had to wait in line and the e-ticket check in was closed b/c it was a late flight. The line took too long and I didn’t think I needed to hurry as much (or try to check in curbside) so I missed my flight!!! It wasn’t that bad b/c I got to spend more time w/ my baby, but I’m so type A when it comes to things like that…anyway, it all worked out of course b/c work was there when I got there the next day and Baxter was ok for another day in the kennel. It was just funny b/c Julio’s so laid back in those situations and I’m not!! We’re a good balance! Moral of the story - if you’re flying to Miami for our wedding, get to Miami airport in plenty of time!! Or, fly into Ft. Lauderdale airport (like I usually do)!!!


Going to Miami!

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I’m headed to Miami today to visit Julio! Yay!! We’re meeting with Sylvia, our reception hall person on Tuesday morning to decide most of the reception details so that is very exciting! We’ll know what kind of cake, food, centerpieces and everything after Tuesday! It will be very nice to get all of that decided. And I get to spend a few days with Julio!!!!