Our honeymoon (the long version)!!

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Together in Paris and London for 9 days - what more could we have asked for? Frequent flyer miles helped us get across the Atlantic to explore Europe and it was more than we could have imagined! After the brunch on Sunday, we packed our suitcases (that we got from our registry- thank you!!!) and left for Paris around 6 pm on Monday. We would definitely recommend leaving for your honeymoon on Monday if you can. It was nice not to have to pack before the wedding and rush off on Sunday.

Day 1 (July 17- July 18): So, we flew all night and arrived in Paris at around 9 am on Tuesday and were pretty exhausted since I only slept for about 2 hours and Julio about half an hour. We eventually found la gare (the train) after asking someone (vous parlez anglais? luckily he spoke a little english) and following signs. We (well Julio) figured out where to get off of the metro and how to get to our hotel in the Latin Quarter area. I was impressed how easily he found it. We then took a nice, 6 hour nap to catch up on our sleep. Julio and I agreed this was going to be a fun, relaxing trip, not a crazy one that we tried to see everything and were exhausted! So, we took advantage of our air conditioned hotel and rested up for the start of our trip. Our first meal was 2 gyros - Julio had  been craving one since we got off the plane. You walk around the streets and everyone is eating them so you have to try one!  Then we found a yummy dessert place and had a caramel crepe to finish off our first meal in Paris. Our hotel was near the Seine so we walked down to get our first view of the River and we realized we were very close to Notre Dame. It was spectacular at night being all lit up next to the river.

Day1.jpg          Julio-Notre Dame.jpg          Seine.jpg

That night, I couldn’t fall asleep. My brain would not stop replaying every single moment of our wedding weekend. I guess it finally hit me (3 days after the fact) that we were married. All the planning was over and we had such a wonderful wedding. I kept seeing everyone that was there that night and seeing everyone having so much fun on the dance floor. It felt surreal that night because when it’s all happening, you’re like, is this really our wedding reception happening right now? Our friends, Lauren and Brian, told us to savor every second b/c it just flies by. It really does go by so quickly and I wish there was a way to do it all again, but I’ve never felt happier than I did that night. To see our parents so happy and all of our family members and friends having so much fun, it really was a once in a lifetime night. I wouldn’t change a thing. That night in Paris, I the tears started flowing. I teared up on wedding day, but that night, all of the emotions hit me at once b/c it really sunk in that we are married and I am Julio’s wife!!!

So, eventually I fell asleep and got a little rest for the exciting next day!

Day 2 (July 19): Started out w/ shower issues…first I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on, then the nozzle kept moving around all crazy and I dropped the travel shampoo bottle so all of my nice Dove shampoo was gone for the rest of the trip. It was funny:) Julio laughed at me. We got a delicious breakfast of pastries, OJ, coffee and croissants and Julio had an omelet. And they served cake for dessert…I love cake for breakfast! We headed to the Louvre, well first we walked to the Expedia office to pick up our passes Julio had reserved. I decided we could walk there instead of the metro but it was a little longer than I anticipated. There are 3 different sections you can go to inside the Louvre, but we visited 2 of them, the Richelieu and the Denon sections. We started out looking at every single painting and sculpture but there are just too many! We got lunch there. I had a croque monsieur b/c everyone else in line was so I wanted to try it. It was yummy - ham and cheese sandwich with a spread of some kind. So, we spent the whole day taking in the amazing pieces of art. We were exhausted by the end. I’m glad I wore my tennis shoes! We took the metro back (no more walking) and took a three hour nap:) Naps are key. We went to dinner in the Latin Quarter…onion soup, salad, spaghetti, ice cream and beer. There are so many places to choose from and they all want you to eat at their restaurant. The menu is definitely the way to go in Europe - it’s cheaper and you get 3 or 4 courses!

Louvre.jpg          Napoleon.jpg          Napoleons Bed.jpg

Day 3 (July 20): We checked out of our Paris hotel and stopped for a scruptious breakfast at the Stop Cluny Cafe. Croissants, omelet, french bread, coffee…love it! We had to take the Metro to the Gare du Nord stop to get to the Eurostar trains. We didn’t buy our tickets to London ahead of time (should have) but we weren’t sure of our schedule. So we waited in the wrong line for like 20 minutes and then waited in the right line for another 30 minutes. The Eurostar man was very very nice! He spoke English and helped me get a cheaper ticket b/c I’m under 26. Unfortunately Julio is not under 26 so his ticket was like $300 more! He didn’t even check my passport so we probably should have said Julio was under 26 but oh well. The nice man felt sorry for us so he gave us 2 passes to the Premier Business Lounge inside the terminal. We didn’t have time to use it then but it was a fun story for the return trip! Who knew traveling to London was so expensive? We learned to make those plans ahead of time!

Day 3 breakfast.jpg      

The trip took about 2 1/2 hours. It was nice - we got to write postcards and Julio bought a splitter so we could both listen to his iPod. How sweet:) We had to get ready for the She Wants Revenge concert!! We got some train food which included some very interesting mini sandwiches. They were like dollar roll sandwiches but one had salmon, one had just cheese, one with ham and one with a mystery sauce. Fun times with foreign train food!

We took a cab to St. Gregory’s hotel on Shoreditch Street, near Liverpool in East London. It was a really nice hotel - Julio picked it out - and it was much bigger than our Paris one. We walked around and found our way to a bank to exchange money. England doesn’t use Euros so we had to get Pounds. The exchange rate is awful - Julio gave the woman $200 and got like 100 pounds and some change. We were like wow, that really sucks! We got lunch and had a drink. I had to try the fish n chips which was very good. We took a little nap at the hotel before we headed to the She Wants Revenge concert. We found our way to the metro and to Club Scala where the show was. It was a small club (like Cats Cradle for my Durham people or The Pageant for you St. Louisans) so it was really cool. We saw the opening band, SoHo Dolls and then She Wants Revenge performed for about an hour!! They were awesome!! So, why did we go to this concert? I surprised Julio with 2 tickets to the concert for his wedding day gift. I kept it a surprise until our wedding day but it was kind of hard when I realized it’s not that easy to travel from country to country in Europe. I defnitely didn’t think it was so expensive. So, I had to tell Julio that we should go to London instead of Switzerland like we had originally planned. I couldn’t tell him why, just that he would like the reason. It turned out great and he was so surprised that I found tickets to his favorite band (right now) in London while we were going to be in Europe. It was an awesome show! I’ve heard a lot of their songs b/c Julio is always playing their cd so I loved it, too. It was definitely worth the money and the crazy change in plans to see them perform on our honeymoon!! And of course we enjoyed a slice of pizza after the show to end the night in a yummy way:)

traveling.jpg                concert.jpg

Day 4 (July 21): Our crazy day of touring started at 6 am. We paid for a full day tour through Expedia and it was great to see everything in one day because we were only in London for a few days. We asked the people at the hotel how long of a cab ride it would be to the tour office and of course we allowed way more time than necessary so we got there so early. Luckily there was a breakfast place but we got there at like 730 and didn’t leave until 9ish. But we didn’t miss it! The tour was on an air conditioned bus with about 40 people and a tour guide. She was very good - she knew everything and was kind of funny even that early in the morning. Our first stop was Westminster Abbey and we got to go inside for a tour. There is so much history in the Abbey so we were glad we got a tour instead of guessing what everything was. The history and the stories are fascinating. We got to walk around a little on our own and there was a Winston Churchill statue in the square nearby. I had to check it out since I worked at Churchill Center & School, named after Winston Churchill, while I lived in St. Louis.

Day 4.jpg          Palace.jpg

We headed to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard ceremony. I had no idea how many people come see this every time. It’s quite the production with horses and three different groups of guards playing music and marching into the palace gates! It was very fun to see and we got a great view of everything.

wheel.jpg          tower.jpg

We got to take a cruise on the Thames River and got a little commentary along the ride. I like seeing things from the river perspective. We got to see the Houses of Parliament, the Millenium Wheel, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, the wibbly wobbly bridge, London Bridge and we got off at the Tower of London. We ate lunch (another good meal of fish n chips) and rested our legs a little. The Tower of London was first tower built in London in 1066 so there was so much to take in. We toured the crown of jewels, the bloody tower with so many conspiracies, the beheading site, and the white tower. We were on our own for this part of the day so went into the white tower last which wasn’t the best idea. It’s the first tower they built, so there were so many stairs!! There were a lot of exhibitions about the purpose of the tower and lots of guns, gunpowder,  and armor displays. Around every corner, I thought it was going to be the exit but it kept going on…I needed some fresh London air by the end! We were the last people to meet the group back on the bus to go back home - good thing we made it! We stopped to get a picture of a church used in The Da Vinci Code movie and took the wonderfully air conditioned bus back to the metro station. We got dinner on the way back to our hotel and were just exhausted! We went to bed at like 8:30 that night!  I guess that’s why they tell you to travel when you’re young…

Day 5 (July 22): I woke up to Julio bringing a delicious breakfast back to the room:) He woke up early and got yummy croissants and coffee for me and he tried eggs, toast and sausage served with baked beans and tomatoes. It was a different combination but it was cheap and really yummy! We checked out that morning and the hotel was nice to keep our bags b/c we weren’t leaving until that night to go back to Paris. We walked around the Liverpool shops and got lunch at Giraffe Cafe. It rained for the first time so we got dessert while it rained. It was very quiet on the streets (it was Saturday) compared to happy hour the night before! It was crazy to see everyone in their work clothes on the streets outside the bars loving happy hour!

Day5 cab.jpg          Day51.jpg

We got a cab to the Eurostar train station. We got there really early so we people watched for a while…we finally got to check in and we found our way to the Premier Lounge with our free passes. This was great - free beer, soda, snacks, internet, good air conditioning! We had time to check our email and saw we had wedding pictures from Jenny and Jamie so we got to look at those. We had time to send an email out to say hi from Europe!



We got back to Paris at 11 that night and checked into our hotel. It was down the street from the one we stayed in the few days before. The AC wasn’t working so luckily we were on the 5th floor and there was a good breeze so we slept with the nice, big windows open.

Day 6 (July 23): We woke up and checked out of the hotel and checked into our original Paris hotel where the AC worked! We got lunch and had our first taste of creme brulee - yum! We got on L’Open Bus Tur that takes you around the different tourist sights of Paris. It’s really nice because you see so much and they have little headphones so you get some history as you go. The Tour de France ended that day in Paris (we didn’t realize this until we were on the bus) so we couldn’t go past the Arc de Triomphe or down the Champs Elysees. It turned out good, though because we got off at the Eiffel Tower and spent the day there. It was a beautiful, clear day and maybe a little less crowded because of the Tour de France going on. We bought tickets to go to the top! We got off at the second level and took in the amazin views of the city. We waited in a long line to take the little elevator to the very top but it was so worth it. It was really cool to see everything from the top! I trusted Julio with the camera for the pics from the top because I didn’t want to be the one to drop the camera off the Eiffel Tower. To get down we had to wait in an even longer line to take the elevator down. There were so many people! We made it back on ground level and laid in the grass in front of the tower to relax and enjoy the moment. It was such a gorgeous day! It was neat to see everyone loving the nice summer day…people playing soccer, reading and just relaxing.

Day 6.jpg          Eiffel Tower.jpg          River.jpg          us-tower.jpg          tku pic.jpg

We got to the bus station so we had to take the metro and the train took forever to get there. We ate pizza, greek salad and beer for dinner and got dessert and a local patisserie. We called our parents to say hi and walked over to see Notre Dame at night. It was lit up and was a very cool sight to see.

Day 7 (July 24): We slept in and found a cute breakfast cafe that was still serving breakfast. It turned out to be our favorite little spot to get breakfast b/c they had the best croissants and french bread w/ butter and jam. We found our way to the Caberet ticket office to buy tickets for that night and on the way found a post office so we could mail our postcards!We got back on L’Open Tour for our second day of the bus tour. We got off at the Champs Elysees and visited the Arc de Triomphe. We ate McDonald’s for lunch - it was so crowded and it was huge. Everyone knows McDonald’s. We rode the rest of the way and got to see all the sights around the city.

cafe.jpg          Arc.jpg

We got dressed up and went to the Caberet show that night. Julio’s parents said it would be fun to see a show so we had dinner and saw the crazy show! It was fun but we were definitely one of the youngest couples there. Julio told them we were on our honeymoon so they announced it which was cool. It was a fun date with dinner, a bottle of wine and champagne! We finished the night with a beer that we bought from a little stand on the street and enjoyed the walk back to the hotel.



Day 8 (July 25): We had breakfast at the same cafe as the day before, got our bottles of Coca Cola Light and Water and headed to City Rama to try to get on the tour to Versailles. The tour was sold out so we decided to take the metro which sounded easy at the time. It turned out to be the hottest day of the summer and we were walking around outside for so long it seemed. It was the heat of the day and it was so hot. We got to the metro station which wasn’t far but found out it was closed. We waited for the bus that was supposed to take us to the next metro station (which I think was like a block down so we should have just walked there instead of waiting in the sun) and we didn’t know which bus was going to that station. Finally, we got on the bus and got to the metro station to get on the train to Versailles.

Julio was loving this day of sweating to go to Versailles. I really wanted to go, so he agreed to go. It was kind of funny b/c we worked hard to get there and it was so hot to walk around the rooms and the gardens but it was beautiful and full of so much history. I’m glad we went:) We went through the state apartments, the queen’s apartments and the gardens. We had an audio guide that explained what each room was and the history behind everything. We were glad we didn’t go with a tour group because there were so many rooms and so much to see. We went at our own pace and learned a lot about Louis XIV! The gardens were amazing and so beautiful. I took way too many pictures! Our feet were tired so we headed back to our hotel by train (this one was air conditioned)! We showered and got ready to enjoy our last night in Paris!

Versailles.jpg          view.jpg          Verailles2.jpg

We headed down to the Latin Quarter and did a little shopping in the numerous souvenir shops. I wanted to enjoy the river at night so we grabbed a beer and sat down by the river to savor every minute of the last night of our honeymoon. A lot of other people had snacks and drinks and were doing the same thing. There was a two man band playing U2, Pearl Jam, Bob Marley and other great songs which created an awesome scene by the river. It was a really cool way to spend our last night. We grabbed pizza on the way back to the hotel and had a nice walk through the Latin Quarter where everything was still going strong at 1 am.

last night.jpg

Day 9 (July 26): We woke up early, packed our suitcases, checked out and headed to our favorite breakfast cafe to grab one more delicous French breakfast. We took the metro to the airport and found our way to the right terminal. I got a little scared when we got off the metro and had to take a bus to the terminal but didn’t know exactly where or what we were doing. Luckily we found our way, got to the e-ticket check in and were ready to go! We flew to Boston on what felt like the longest flight. The VCR was broken so there were no movies to keep us entertained but I finished The Devil Wears Prada and we enjoyed so many drinks and snacks. I’ve never seen people get so excited about the snack pack toward the end of the flight! I didn’t know we got a snack so I was super excited! We had a 2 hour layover in Boston and got to Miami at about 9 pm (3 am Paris time). We were exhausted of course but we were home!

We had an amazing trip and I think you now know every single thing we did! We’re planning to keep the website going to post pictures and other updates on our lives!


18 days and counting!

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Newlywed life is treating us wonderfully so far!! It’s been a fantastic 18 days, especially with 9 of those days being spent together in Paris and London! July 15 was such a special day for us and we cannot say thank you enough for all of you who were there with us and those who had us in their thoughts. It was an amazing experience to share so many life changing moments with our friends and family. Walking down the aisle and seeing so many smiling faces was a moment I will never forget. I think I was more nervous than Julio when we got to the altar but just seeing his smile and his loving eyes made those deep breaths a little easier to calm my nerves. He looked so good in his tux, too:) Hearing the words Reverend Guillermo spoke to us reminded me how lucky I am to be marrying such an amazing man.

dad down the aisle.jpg          altar with julio.jpg          mr and mrs.jpg

          julio & boys.jpg          bridesmades & me.jpg

It all happened so fast but all of sudden we were Dr. and Mrs. Julio Pardave! I couldn’t stop smiling that day and especially during the reception! We had so much fun! It was really fun to see everyone start dancing so quickly and see the dance floor so full the entire night! The dance floor was full before we even finished our dinner! To see our friends dancing with our families and our parents friends was just what we wanted. It was a little surreal that the night was all really happening because we’d been looking forward to it for so long. The main things we wanted were to have our friends and family with us and for everyone to have a good time, so we were thoroughly pleased with how everything turned out! I wouldn’t change a thing about the night or the planning! Looking back on the planning process, it really is all worth it to feel the way we felt that night.

parents watching first dance.jpg     cake cutting.jpg     feeding cake.jpg     dancing.jpg

linds, jenny & kat.jpg     nora, julio & ben.jpg     durham girls.jpg

Everyone keeps telling us marriage is hard work and the passage that was read during our ceremony reminds us of that, but I’m looking forward to working very hard to make our marriage work. It’s off to a wonderful start with all of the love we feel from our friends and family. Thank you for making our wedding night the best night of our lives!

And please send us pictures that you have! These are all pics from our friends! We’d love to see everyone’s!



19 days!!!

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The big day is coming up fast so we’re taking care of all the little things and getting so excited about seeing everybody for the wedding! We were talking reception music with Julio’s parents the other night and had a little dance practice in the living room. Good times, good times:)

Also, I finally found some shoes to wear with my dress! Yay!



The kids…..

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…of the wedding include two flower girls and a stud ring bearer.

Julio and Tiffanie     Goddaughter Tiffanie     Little cousins

Tiffanie is Julio’s god-daughter, the daughter of Julio’s cousin Ivan.

Matt, Beth and Jada     Jada

Jada is the daughter of Matt and Beth. Matt is one of Julio’s groomsmen and Jada will be 3 on June 20!!

Ben & Nate     Ben     Nora and Ben

Ben is Nora’s god-son and is the cutest boy on earth!! Ben is Nate and Fatima’s son and he is going to look adorable in his little tux!


We mailed the invitations-did you get one?!

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We mailed the wedding invitations the week of May 22, so everyone should have gotten theirs by now. If you got a save the date card, you should have received an invitation!! Please let us know if you didn’t so we can send you one. Remember to send us the RSVP card so we know you’re coming and what you want to eat! We want everyone to come so we want to make sure you got the invitation!! It’s getting close!!



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Crate & Barrel

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We will gladly accept any donations toward our honeymoon to Paris:)



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Sorry it’s been awhile since last we wrote. We’ve been very busy this past month…..Nora has been working on the invitations and I’ve been studying my brains out for the Florida boards. Nora’s about done w/ the invitations and should be sent out in the next couple weeks. I’m taking the big practical exam this friday up in Tampa (wish me luck). Last week, we attended Crown & Kate’s wedding in Charlotte…it was a lovely ceremony & reception (Crown, thanks for the personalized mug..I’m sure it will be in good use next wknd:) Hope all is well w/ everyone. Here are some pics from the wedding:

Hoffman's & me   Crown & Nora   Kate & Nora   Nora & me


Hotel Info

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Here are the two hotels we reserved for the wedding. It is under Pardave/Conroy wedding July 14-16, 2006. Miami International Airport is the closest airport to Coral Gables (7 mi). Ft. Lauderdale Airport is also an option (might be cheaper) but a little farther (30 mi).


Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore Hotel is a beautiful, historic hotel. It is located closest (walking distance) to the church and reception. The group rate is $159/night. For reservations call 1-800-727-1926 or 305-445-1926 under PARDAVE WEDDING.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn UM

Holiday Inn Coral Gables University of Miami is on South Dixie Hwy (US 1). There are many restaurants, malls, and stores located nearby. It’s minutes from the church and reception. The group rate is $79/night. Guests can call 1-800-HOLIDAY or 305-667-5611 for reservations and provide the code PCW.


Coconut Grove is a 5 min drive, Downtown is 10 min, & South Beach is 15 min away. There are many attractions for everyone. Here are a list of attractions near the hotels

  • Coconut Grove/CocoWalk (2mi)
  • Vizcaya (3mi)
  • Miami Seaquarium (3mi)
  • Venetian Pool (2mi)
  • Museum of Science (2mi)
  • Streets of Mayfair (2mi)
  • Metro Zoo (8mi)
  • Shops at Sunset Place-Mall (0.5mi)
  • Theaters (AMC/IMAX) (0.5mi)
  • Mayfair Shops (2mi)
  • Fairchild Gardens (1.5mi)
  • Bayside Market Place (6mi)
  • Actors Playhouse & Coconut Grove Playhouse (2mi)
  • Dadeland Mall (3mi)


Bridesmaids and groomsmen!!!

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These are the people in our wedding. They are our best friends and we can’t wait to have all of them standing beside us on our special day!!

Chris Chris is the best man. Chris has known Julio since they were freshman at Westminster Christian H.S. Chris’ family is a great, loving family who is like a 2nd family to Julio. Chris is planning to get married in October of 2007.

Matt Matt is one of Julio’s best friends. He’s known Julio since junior high, playing basketball & football together. Matt is currently married to Beth and has a beautiful daughter, Jada, who is also in the wedding as a flower girl.

Aaron Aaron went to Chiropractic school with Julio in St. Louis. Aaron was Julio’s good friend at Logan. Aaron is from Alabama and currently practices in southern Illinois.

Crown Crown also went to Chiropractic school with Julio. Crown and Julio were good friends at Logan enjoying many good nights at the bar & many nights studying. Crown is from North Carolina and currently practices in Charlotte, NC. Crown and Kate are getting married in Charlotte on April 22 and Nora and Julio are both in the wedding!

Emil Emil is Julio’s middle brother. Emil has a loving personality and has a passion for music. Emil graduated from Florida Computer & Business School and is working for a small business company.

Cecil Cecil is Julio’s youngest brother. Cecil is currently a Freshman at Barry University. He also has a passion for music and is DJing as a hobby.


Lindsay Lindsay is the maid of honor in our wedding! She is Nora’s best friend and always keeps Nora and Julio laughing:) She and Nora were roommates Freshman year and played softball at Barry and were friends right away!  Now Linds lives in Kansas City, MO and she just signed a contract to buy a house!

Jessica Jessica is Nora’s longest friend! We met when we were 2 months old. Our mom’s knew each other and we became friends before we could even talk!! We went to Pipe Preschool, Hope Valley, Githens and Jordan together and have remained friends for 24 years!! Jess lives in DC and is in law school at American University.

Kat Kat is Nora’s friend from Barry. We played softball together for 3 years and became great friends! Kat always got Nora out of the house to do all kinds of fun Miami adventures, like camping in Key West and finding the yummiest little cafe to eat at on the beach!! Kat is the Assistant Softball Coach at College of Charleston.  

Regan Regan is both Nora and Julio’s friend from Barry and is a big part of why we started dating!! She and Nora played softball together for 3 years and were roommates for 2 years. She and Julio were both athletic trainers and got together to study all the time. So, Nora and Julio got to know each other as friends and after a year and a half, he finally asked her out!! Thank you roomie! Now, Regs lives in Seattle and is getting married to Michelle this summer! She’s taking classes to get ready for med school.

Jenny Here’s Jenny in her sombrero at El Maguey on her birthday! Good times:) Jenny is Julio’s friend from Miami. They went to high school together, stayed in touch throughout college and ended up in St. Louis for grad school. Jenny and Nora are now roommates livin it up in Chesterfield and have gotten to be great friends!! Jenny’s headed to Omaha in May.

Fatima & Ben Fatima is Nora’s sister-in-law and the mom of the cutest ringbearer ever! Fatima and Nora’s brother Nate have been married for 6 years and live in Silver Spring, Maryland. She works at HUD in DC. Fatima has had wonderful wedding advice for Nora!!!


More Friends

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Artie, Chris, Julio    Mark, Julio, Ryan     Julio, Veeral, Crown, Aaron

I’m out w/ Artie & Chris at downtown Miami. I’m w/ Mark & Ryan at our graduation. Me and the boys are hanging out after a Cardinals game.

Melissa, Nora, Julio     Kat & Nora dancing     Hana, Nora, Anna

We’re out w/ our good friend from Kentucky, Melissa. Nora’s getting crazy w/ Kat at the club in Hard Rock Ft. Lauderdale. Nora is w/ her friends, Hana and Anna, from Durham.

Crown, Wayne, Emil, Aaron, Julio     us at Pink Galleon     Girls at Nora's bridal party

We’re at the Broadway Oyster Bar after a Cardinals game. My baby & I at Pink Galleons. Nora and the girls (w/ peter) at her bridal/bachelorette party.

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