There are nice people in Miami!!

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I got a flat tire in the parking lot of Target during my day off from work and a nice man showed up right as I thought, I knew I should have gotten on Julio’s AAA policy before something like this happened! Julio was at work and had a really busy day, so it would have been a long afternoon without this guy’s help. I didn’t even get his name, but he walked right up and asked if I needed help like it was no problem at all. He changed the tire and was so easygoing and nice about it - it was like 100 degrees out today! This guy didn’t come close to Julio’s impressive, record speed tire change on the shoulder of I-95 in July - he did it in like 10 minutes in his fancy party clothes! - that was craziness, too! It’s time for me to pay it forward and help out someone in need next time I’m there to help. It was such a nice thing and it made me realize that there are more nice people in Miami than I thought!


I’m living w/ sleeptalkers

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Ever since I’ve been w/ Nora I was aware of her frequent sleeptalking. But lately it has been a circus at night. Usually she sleeptalks within the first 2 hours of her sleep, so I’m used to it. But this morning, she scared the crap out of me (30 min before my alarm went off!) She jumped right out of bed screaming something about “…knocking the wedding cake off!!”, frantically searching the floor. She picks up a pillow that was on the floor and throws it at me. I think she thought the pillow was the cake and was trying to save the cake by tossing it towards me! The sleeptalking has really picked up with the wedding coming closer & closer. And last night, Baxter was sleeping next to me while I was watching TV, he started barking in his sleep! Even my dog is sleeptalking! Man, what a freakin riot…..I love my family!!!!



So much going on!

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I know I haven’t written in quite a while, but life has been keeping me on my toes! I have a huge event this Saturday for work - our Auction, which is our biggest fundraiser for the school. It’s the main reason I’m still working at Churchill and still in St. Louis, not Florida. It’s been quite an experience b/c it’s so much work! It’s been fun and it’s what I enjoy but it’s taken a lot of extra early mornings, late evenings and weekend workdays. I’ve been trying to balance it all with wedding to do’s but I think I’m doing good. The invitations will be going out in the next week or so which is very exciting!! I worked with a parent at my school on the invites and I love how they turned out!

My last day at work is May 26 and then I’m headed to Miami finally to be with Julio!!! We are excited to start our lives together down there!!!